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The internationalists: the government 2.0 conversation goes global

Kublai, the Italian central government’s first (or at least one of the first) government 2.0 project, has quickly gained a certain international visibility. After the two showcases with the European Commission (EUPS20 and Wikicrats) and the French exchange of ideas, last week it was the World Bank, following up on an interview I had given to the NYC-based blog Betterverse

As it becomes clear that the Internet is great at producing public goods, the conversation on e-government 2.0 goes global. Ideas circulate smoothly among us Europeans (the EUPS20 group, or Headshift, recently acquired by an American company), Americans (Sunlight Foundation) and Asians (Futuregov), and it seems there is a good deal of mutual trust out there. Maybe there is hope.

Wikicrats: report available

The Wikicrats report is online. Wikicrats is an innovative initiative to bridge the gap between the hacker scene and European technology policies, launched by Bror Salmelin, a senior European Commission – DG Tech officer, and interaction designer Nadia El-Imam, who authored the report as well. They even invited me to the workshop of the same name at Reboot11, as I related here.

Wikicrats: disponibile il rapporto

E’ online il rapporto di Wikicrats, una innovativa iniziativa di contaminazione tra la scena hacker e le politiche europee della tecnologia. Autori della provocazione sono Bror Salmelin, alto funzionario della DG Tech della Commissione Europea, e Nadia El-Imam, interaction designer, autrice anche del rapporto. Mi hanno anche invitato al seminario omonimo a Reboot11: ne ho parlato qui.