Welcome to Wikicrazia and Wikicrazia Reloaded

The Internet is revolutionizing public policy, as well as all the rest. A web 2.0 wind is blowing on public authorities, bringing in sharing, collaboration, radical transparency and hacker ethics through any window left open. I believe that this is a great chance to deeply rethink the way citizes concern themselves with public policies, making it more informed, effective and even fun.

To share my thinking and my experience thereabout, I decided to write a book. Titled Wikicrazia, it was released in early October 2010 by the Italian publisher Navarra Editore. It aims to be a frontier work (certainly I put the best of my knowledge into it) while staying simple and hopefully enjoyable if, like me, you are the kind of person who enjoys learning new stuff. Most of the resources below are in Italian (except for “Source code” and “Blog posts”): click on “Translate” links for an automated translation, or contact me at alberto[at]cottica[dot]net if you need additional assistance.

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