For just over two years I kept two blogs. On one I wrote about my activity as a musician in Fiamma Fumana, together with my partner Lady Jessica Lombardi; on the other one I blogged about my life as an economist together with Marco Colarossi. The two worlds, though, are closely intertwined, and more and more often I would find myself wondering where I should post stuff that would legitimately belong in either one. With 2008 I decided to integrate them, bringing them under the same roof in my personal website. I think that a reader interested in public policy towards creativity and regional development might find in the “music” posts some first-hand experience of living within the creative industries: and that Fiamma Fumana fans might read with some interest my economist’s thoughts about the environment in which the band develops. Despite this, the reader interested only in one of the two sides of my activity is free to isolate only the posts that concern that side: it is sufficient to click on “Fiamma Fumana” or “Alberto” in the right-hand column, below “Post about…”

I will keep on blogging about music, economics, the creative industries, regional development and public policy, all of which in a tight relationship with internet and life in the digital world. In this blog I have also imported the circa 400 posts (and the relative comments) collected in these two years. Have a nice read.

2 thoughts on “Ingredients

  1. Don Gecewicz

    Alberto: Allora. Marco ha scritto nella mailing list dello spostamento del blog. Non lo avevo saputo. Qui, un inverno straordinario e complicato. La prima della mia commedia ha luogo il 17 gennaio al Chicago Cultural Center, un edificio molto bello, molto suggestivo per uno chicagolano. Like the Moon behind the Clouds infatti e’ l’adattamento di un libro di Carla Vasio (del Gruppo 63). Carla era straordinaria–ma il vento freddissimo di Chicago l’ha sorpresa. Senza dubbio, l’inverno era infernale, temperature basse, nevicate e poi nevicate. Giungere al teatro era difficile per il pubblico–ma io, come un musicista, capivo (e capisco) che The Show Must Go On, per la gioia pura di essere liberato. Il tuo blog me pare molto interessante–la cultura, la cultura non-mainstream, la musica, le tradizioni rinnovate. Aggiungerei la crisi del petrolio, la crisi della sinistra (almeno la sinistra non e’ una masnada di sordi), e la crisi dell’agricoltura. No tour of the U.S.A. this summer? Don.

  2. cavs

    You have done such a great job on this website. Blogging on music, economics, the creative industries, regional development and public policy whose components cover very wide areas is no mean feat. Great job Wonderful website.


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