June is past, and the online collaborative phase of Wikicrazia ended with a result way above my expectations. I made the slides above to present them and thank all participants, to whom I am indebted for an expanded knowledge base and a vey useful experience. Thanks a lot!

I’m off to write the final version. The draft and the comments remain online, and will keep reading and replying to comments to come in after June 30th (there are some already), but I will not be writing further weekly updates. Before that, I would like to share two little provisonal remarks which are not self evident looking at the data. The first one is that this experience did not create a Wikicrazia community: with few exceptions, people are talking to me, not to each other. The social graph describing the process is a star, in which everybody is connected to me, but not to anyone else. The second one is that no politician has contributed. I don’t personally know a lot of them, but I was hoping in buzz or serendipity, i would be interested in their point of view.

As I assimilate this extrordinary experience, I will share interesting ideas, assuming I can think of any. As a first approximation, I can already say I find Nina Simon’s conclusions (after an experiment different from Wikicrazia in many ways, but with a similar spirit) roughly consistent with my own.

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