Resilient roots take on traditional media

Le mondine in Second Life!

Doriano Rabotti of the daily newspaper Il Resto del Carlino has been tracking Fiamma Fumana closely for years. This time, too, he devotes a lot of attention to the Liberation Day concert on April 25th at Casa Cervi. Admittedly, it is going very well: we started off looking for 100 bloggers, and 186 have volunteered as I write; meanwhile my friends Velas (in the picture), Asian and Joannes have started to spread the idea within Second Life. Outside of the great net, too, we feel a great turmoil: all over Italy rides are being hitched and coaches are being organized to reach the concert site; the municipality of Gattatico and Fuori Orario are organizing a canteen to feed hungry fans and are letting the weary unroll their sleeping bags in the local sports hall. We are all overwhelmed by such a great participation.

It always impresses me how differently traditional media and the net look at things. If you Google for “Radiciresistenti” or look at the From mother to daughter blog, which launched the initiative, you get a feel from a community: Valeria writes most of the FMTD posts, but the protagonists are legion: the 186 bloggers, the authors of the 300+ coments (more than 100 a week!) the many friends and fans sending photos, videos, thoughts and love. On the newspaper, on the other hand, the emphasis in on me personally. Ok, ok, I understand the mechanism in traditional media narrative building, and therefore Doriano’s (an excellent professional) choice. But, personally, I find myself more at home in the community spirit of the blogoand of the Net in general.



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