The Liberation Day wave grows

I have finally moved, so I am back posting with some difficulties (despite my twenty-plus days warning, Fastweb has yet to connect the new loft-office in via Manzotti 23 in Milan to the Great Net). I see from the comments you’ve been taking good care of Contrordine, thanks so much!

The Liberation Day festival is growing into a really beautiful event. We have decided to take a Barcamp-like line: no spectators allowed, only participants. So we are preparing a booklet with the lyrics of some (mainly traditional) songs for everyone to sing along to. The famous seven thousand people singing will be audio recorded by our crew and video recorded by director Andrea Zambelli’s film crew, since April 25th will be the very last shooting day of “Mondine – From Mother to Daughter” the movie. For people coming with cameras, videocameras or just cell phones (that’s pretty much everybody!) we have launched the idea of uploading their work on Flickr, YouTube etc., using the “25aprile” and “radiciresistenti” tags.

The Italian blogosphere – with some Americans also joining in – is already buzzing with participation. In only 21 days since our call to arms for bloggers, we have already met our target of 100 bloggers posting about Liberation Day and/or proudly displaying the badge. The From Mother To Daughter blog,, is keeping an up-to-date list of “Liberated” blogs. FF and I are very committed to this festival, both on the performance and on the organization sides. I am really looking forward to be in Casa Cervi (it used to be the home of the Seven Cervi brothers, who all joined the partisan resistance and all were executed by the Nazi in one mass shooting. It has been since turned into a museum), this Liberation Day more than ever.

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