Civic hacker manifesto: can you help?

On November 19-20, 2009, the EU ministerial conference will define the main priorities of e-government in the next three years.

David Osimo, whom I hold in high esteem, is coordinating an effort to bring to Malmö the voice of citizens 2.0. I think he has the traction to do that, especially since his Public Services 2.0 – with a highly successful workshop held in March in Brussels – showed the European Commission that there is a new generation of state-of-the art European e-gov projects, and that the people who run them are connected in a scene. As I’m writing this and only for a few more days – a very international group of people who care about this issue are collaborating in writing a European civic hackers manifesto. If you care too, join us: just go here and get busy.

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