This land is your land: A shared space for Emilia’s music

Lady J and I are working a lot on the finishing touch to the music for the film about Mondine and to preparing the summer tour (that includes a three-week North American tour in September and October, two of which with mondine! You’ll find a calendar in Fiamma Fumana‘s website). Meanwhile, though, we are also thinking about the future.

One thing I would like to be part of my future – and of FF’s – is a “shared space for Emilia’s music and culture”, which we started phantasizing about at the now-famous Fuori Orario dinner, with Franco Bassi, Cisco, Giovanni, our friend at Bonifica Emiliana Veneta and Pive nel sacco, Ezio Bonicelli (former Ustmamò fiddler) an others. I think about it as an annual gathering – a festival? – with the spirit of the Liberation Day concert, to which the remarkable energy surrounding these matters could be channeled; there is a lot of it, also on the internet, as we found out when we launched the “100 Bloggers for Liberation Day” campaign (they ended up being 355) launched by A good example of what we could do together is the Mondine Museum in Second Life, conceived and built within
a week by a self-organized group (names and roles here) spearheaded by Velas: a place of great suggestion and intensity, reflecting the values and the culture shared by the group. Have a look at the video below (shot by Alexander Amro, music by Fiamma Fumana e Coro delle Mondine di Novi) and tell me that the “shared space” festival would not be great!


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