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These latest weeks my team and I are very busy laying the foundations of a new project, Edgeryders, that aims to mobilize an online community’s collective intelligence (I wrote about it here). The idea is not new in itself: actually, I myself have managed similar projects in the past. What’s new, at least for me, is the natively global dimension of this project. The blog (just a placeholder for the real website, which should launch at the end of October) has been up all of two weeks, and we had visits from 59 countries; and in just one week 60 people from 19 countries volunteered to beta test our site – all of this at zero expenditure on communication, since the website is just a placeholder. Beta testers are not only geographically diverse, they are also an intergenerational bunch, with people of all ages.

Beta testers are pioneers, the early adopters of the future Edgeryders community, and it is likely they will play an important role in shaping its atmosphere and its social norms. I find it very encouraging that they are such a diverse bunch: normally, a lot of diversity means fresh air to breathe, and individual social status determined by merit and generosity rather than social class, skin color or sexual preferences. And this is critical to feel at home in a community.

The pioneering phase (invitation only) should start next week. If you would like to be a part of it request an invitation we still have a few places left.

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