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Wikicrazia at The Hub Milano and Trendwatching festival Capri

One more week on the road for more Wikicrazia presentations. Tomorrow – Wednesday, April 7th – I am laying my home field at The Hub Milano: 6 p.m., so we have time for a happy hour (Facebook event).

Saturday, April 30th I will be in Capri for the Trendwatching Festival 2011. It looks like a more glamorous event than the ones I usually participate in; I don’t know what to expect exactly, but it seems that wiki style collaboration between authorities and citizens has been promoted to trend status. Works for me (Facebook event).

Speaking of Wikicrazia, recently an American publisher showed some interest in the book. I’d love him to read it, but there is a problem: he does not read Italian. So I tried a lateral approach, sending him English language links and materials; but in the end it felt like the core idea of the book was missing from those materials, and that is that Internet enables us to have an impact on society as individuals, not just as representatives of organizations. So I made this video, also a good way for me to celebrate Liberation Day (April 25th, the day the Nazi Army was kicked out of Italy by the partisans and the Allied armies – but the partisans came first in most cities). If you are curious about the sources, you can find them here.

Wikicrazia a The Hub Milano e al Trendwatching Festival di Capri

Anche questa settimana sarò in giro per l’Italia a presentare Wikicrazia. Domani, cioè mercoledì 27 aprile, gioco in casa: non solo a Milano, ma allo straordinario Hub di via Paolo Sarpi 8, lo spazio di coworking per l’innovazione sociale di cui anch’io sono membro. Alle 18, così poi c’è tempo per l’aperitivo. La pagina Facebook è qui.

Sabato 30 invece sarò a Capri al Trendwatching Festival. Non so bene cosa aspettarmi, mi pare un evento dal carattere più mondano di quelli a cui sono abituato. La notizia, mi pare, è che la collaborazione in modalità wiki è stata promossa al rango di “trend”. Mi sembra un bel segnale. La pagina Facebook è qui.

Sempre a proposito di Wikicrazia, mi è capitato di recente che un editore americano abbia espresso interesse per il libro. Ovviamente io sarei molto contento di farglielo leggere, ma c’è il piccolissimo problema che l’ho scritto in italiano, e lui non sa leggere la nostra lingua. Ho tentato un approccio laterale, mandandogli links a vari materiali in inglese; alla fine però mi pareva mancasse l’idea centrale sottesa al libro e a un po’ tutto quello che faccio, cioè che Internet ci abilita a incidere sulla società personalmente, in quanto singoli cittadini, non solo in quanto rappresentanti di categorie o poteri più o meno forti. E allora ho fatto questo video (marcato “Shameless Self-Promotion Productions”!): facciamo che quest’anno il 25 aprile lo festeggio così. Se siete curiosi delle fonti, le trovate qui.

Liberation Day: no audience allowed, everyone’s a performer (and Mondine on national TV)

Cena al Fuori Orario

The dinner at Fuori Orario was a watershed moment in the history of the From mother to daughter project. It’s the same old story, the one I tried to tell with Modena City Ramblers for a while: it’s not true that music is something musicians do. Music points to roots, and music and roots are too important to leave to musicians. Music is something everyone does, or should do, and that embodies, or should embody, an element of finding one’s place in the shared history of a community. Franco of FO says that what drove home so powerfully the dinner was the idea of singing at the dinner table: it’s not showbiz, is something we all do together. And he launched the slogan: “seven thousand people singing” ot the Liberation Day show (April 25th 1945 is the date we kicked the Nazi out of the country, so we made it into a major holiday). It reminds me of Barcamps: no spectators, only participants.

I’m thinking pretty hard at how to render this feeling in the context of a several thousand people open air gig. Franco launched the idea of printing some booklets with the most important lyrics (everybody knows Bella Ciao in Italy, but that shows people we mean business) and handing them out everywhere on the venue, We are going to record the show to make a live album out of it, so we will have a high quality recording of the seven thousand singing their heads off (I think of Bella Ciao and get the goosebumps as I type). But it would be nice to do something social on the web too.. some YouTube/Flickr/Twitter… anyone has an idea and some time to put on it?

UPD 2 marzo – mi segnalano che la conferma ufficiale della partecipazione delle mondine alla trasmissione non è ancora confermata. Aspettiamo con fiducia.

UPD 6 marzo – partecipazione delle mondine NON confermata. Si cerca un’altra occasione 🙁