Seeds that take roots: the long march of Visioni Urbane

Sorry, this post in Italian only. I review the medium term fallout from a generative regional policy I worked on in 2007-2009, wearing a Ministry of Economic development hat. The policy in question seems to have spawned quite a lot of interesting stuff. My tentative conclusion is that the ingredients of this success have very […]

The practical economist: Visioni urbane delivers the goods (with a side of Wikicracy)

Economists are commonly deemed to be more prone to abstract reasoning than to concrete action. There must be a grain of truth in this, because it is quite common to hear economists jokes in Economics Departments. This one, for example: After a shipwreck, an economist ends up stranded on a desert island. He looks around […]

Leaving innocence behind: why open government is failing, and how it will still win in the end

Many people dislike and mistrust backroom deals and old boys networks in government. They prefer open and transparent governance. It makes for better institutions, and a better human condition. I am one of those people. Since you’re reading this, chances are you are, too. Like many of those people, I watched the global Internet rise and saw an opportunity.  I put a […]