Fiamma Fumana in Second Life!

Well, it could be expected. After all, for all my being skeptical about it, I am a senior member of the Italian community in Second Life, having first logged in in September 2006. In my Second Life I was a student at UnAcademy, a lecturer at Kublai, a sort of guru at the Mondine museum, a commentator (for example of Velas and Roberta as social infrastructures for innovation). But I have never made any music inworld.

This is about to change. Fiamma Fumana will perform at the first Festa dell’Unità of Second Life (a sort of progressive-liberal political rally, which has a deep real life tradition in my native Emilia Romagna region). And we’ll do a REAL live gig, none of the prerecorded stuff that a lot of people do inworld. So download the software, create your avatar an jump in. See you at Genesi Italia, just beneath the Mondine museum. It’ll be fun!

Mr. Volare, cioè io, prova la chitarra in attesa del concerto

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