Beinvgnû su Wikipedia

… L’enziclopedìa lébbra ech tótt i pólen cambièr!

I happened to write a message in dialect on my Facebook wall, much to the puzzlement of my friend Luca Galli. He would be even more puzzled to read Wikipedia in Emiliano-Romagnolo! There are pages in the Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Parma, Piacenza, Carrara and Romagna dialects.

According to the List of Wikipedias this version ranks 156th by name of articles: 528, written by 177 users. It comes after the Oriya and before the one in Tahitian. The most popular Italian dialect on Wikipedia is the Lombard one, with 13.569 articles written by 419 users (that’s an average of more than 30 articles per user! Lombards have reputation for being industrious, but this is ridiculuous. Some NGO funded by the Northern League must be using public money here – not in an entirely wasteful way, for once). The Lombard Wikipedia has more articles than the Irish and Latvian ones (both are official languages of the European Union): it ranks 64th, after the Macedonian and before the Sundanese.

I like dialect, and I am very happy that a Wikipedia in Emiliano-Romagnolo exists. It would be nice to write some more articles, to get to 1000 by the end of the year! It would also be a good idea to keep an eye on the English articles regarding Italian dialects. In fact, I just edited which claimed that Italian politicians discouraged the use of dialect as it was an obstacle to the integration of immigrants from southern Italy. That is not true, and has almost certainly been written by some Northern League zealot. Fellow citizens, Northern League supporters, dialect belongs to us all, not to any party. And, like all languages, it is there to reach out to others, not to exclude them. Listen to me, forget politics, and devote your energies to writing Wikipedia articles. Only five more to overtake Oriya and Wolof!:-)

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3 thoughts on “Beinvgnû su Wikipedia

  1. lgalli

    mi ero perso sto giro, l’altro post su facebook e il resto. come — lo scrivo nel dialetto delle parti mie? solita storia, lo capisco ma vado nel casino per scrivere… grande comunque, ottimo punto, mi sono appena perso via nelle wikipedie lombarda napoletana e siciliana. tutta questa roba mi piace da pazzi e come si diceva quella sera a cena la differenza linguistica (culturale e così via) è grazie a dio una frontiera, un’ombra una cosa che forse nessun google riuscirà mai ad avvolgere e processare (“materiale resistente” se la citazione non ti sembra fuori posto…) e che pure nello stesso tempo vive della rete (technologies of freedom diceva ithiel de sola pool)

  2. Ari

    Ah ah ah! Sulle prime avevo letto: “Benvegnù (nel senso di Paolo) su Wikipedia”.
    E quindi, – mi sono detta a metà lettura – dove parla di Benvegnù? Ha scritto lui questo post? Copia/incolla dal suo blog?
    Poi, con troppo ritardo, ho capito. Aiutatemi! ;)))


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