So here we are at 02:46. Is anyone still awake????

My apologies for not joining in with the blog thing. The guys have been keeping me tied to the computer for the last weeks.

I feel that we now have most of the ingredients to bake the perfect cake! (That reminds me….. Albi’s birthday is fast approaching on the 8th of Feb… don’t forget to send those emails in!!)

Tonight we finished the vocals. Lisa has performed magnificently and compliments all of the beautiful recordings so far by Alberto and Jessica. I will have so many memopries of our time spent here together in the studio. There have been many ‘firsts’ for me. My only experience with the piva before this album was with a band called ‘Kissing the Pink’ where we got a Scottish piper to play on a track called ‘Can you here Me?’ That was back in 1986!! Mondine has got to be a highlight. I was so excited to have them in the studio. My main worry was to make sure that we captured the ir amazing spirit. It really is something to be savoured.

Tomorrow the Navigator arrives. We have spent many hours tracking down exactly the right guy for the Prendi l’ Onda rap. I am sure he will deliver the goods. Thats if he actually gets here! In the last week he has been in Toronto, Jamaica, UK and Germany ! Next stop Rubiera!! Yo Navi.. Get down!

Thats it for now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thanks for reading!!

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