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Wikicracy, new frontiers: a return to Matera

It’s becoming a fixed appointment: in September I will be back in Matera for RENA’s Summer School. RENA is an Italian NGO, created by young people most of whom live outside Italy, and is one of several attempts to select and train a new Italian √©lite on more merit- and knowledge-based criteria. I will be coordinating a session called (after the title of my 2010 book) “Wikicracy: deciding together”. I don’t plan to give one more book presentation: rather, I plan to explore the new frontiers of collaborative public policies. I have opened some new ground myself, thanks to the Edgeryders experience and to the Dragon Trainer nascent project. I have asked mathematician Pietro Speroni di Fenizio to come and help me with the task: Pietro cares about decision making methods that are mathematically fair, so it should be interesting.

If you want to participate here’s more info to apply.