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Three futures for Kublai

Kublai Camp 2011 is happening today; it is the third of its kind and the first one that I can’t take part in.. My friend Tito Bianchi at the Ministry of Economic Development asked me to make a short video to tell the people convened how I would envision Kublai’s future. I am happy to oblige: in the video above (Italian language) I outline three scenarios, two of which I would approve of and one I would not. They are:

  1. shutdown at the end the next cycle and move on. We have gained a lot of useful knowledge we can deploy elsewhere, and that was the whole point of the exercise.
  2. devolution of the project to its community, maintaining its public mission. This would be an extraordinary outcome: a public policy so appreciated that its beneficiaries step in to do the heavy lifting themselves. But it is a tricky one to pull off, and at this point in time I deem it unlikely to happen for reasons I explain in the video.
  3. entrenchment and drift of Kublai into a kind of business planning online help desk, feeding into the plethora of contests for startups, creative projects etcetera. I think this outcome would be tired and – in the context of Italy’s constitutional architecture – not suited to a central government agency. I think it should be avoided.

I am curious to see what happens. More info on Kublai here.