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  1. Eamon Ryan


    My friend Vinay Gupta mentioned that you were coming to Dublin in three weeks time to a very interesting policy conference in Trinity College Dublin. As it happens we are running a very similar event looking at the evolving role of the internet on the development of a low carbon economy. You can get some idea about what our http://www.dublin.climategathering.org is about from our website and I would love to get the chance to talk to you on either 00353863886529 or via skype eamonryan12 if it suits you. I should also say that our event closes on Wednesday evening with a big session involving traditional musicians such as Martin Hayes and Steve Cooney. It would be also great if you could bring your accordian with you to that and perhaps join in.

    Sorry for the very late notice.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Eamon ryan

  2. koroste levanv


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  3. Nanna Jacobsen

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