Vuka! A world club night for Italians from all over the world

(In the spirit of Fiamma Fumana)

After some soul searching, I decided that my contribution towards celebrating 150 years of Italian national unity would be directed towards encouraging my beloved country to be a wee bit less parochial. We boast an ancient and rich culture that grew by a continuous exchanges with other cultures and other peoples – from the Chinese explorations of the Polo family to the London studies of the Count of Cavour, in many ways the artifex of Italian unity. In the present, difficult phase we tend to be overly preoccupied by our immediate surroundings, and so we risk losing sight of the incredible wealth of cultural and human resources just across the border; not to mention those who live here with us, but we still don’t really recognize as local ones.

And so, with small group of Milanese from all over the world we decided to organize a party to celebrate the diversity of our country and our city. We called it Vuka, which means “Arise!” or “Awaken!” in the Zulu language; and we are going to throw it tomorrow, Tuesday March 22nd at 10 p.m. sharp, at Casa del Pane di Corso di Porta Venezia 63 (map). We designed it as a club night for dancing to the sound of the most cutting-edge clubs of Lagos, Karachi and Barletta; and where the Milanese of any origin are welcome and respected. Join Medhin (Milano–Asmara), Nadia (Stockholm), Dan (Johannesburg), Davide (Verona-Sydney-Osaka) and myself to dance away to the world’s beat in a space where everyone’s welcome, and our many differences of living out Milano power up the party.

You are all invited! Wherever you are from, wherever your heart is, if you are here and you are contributing your smarts and energy to our common adventure you are at home with us. To learn more (and get a feel for the music we are going to dance to) visit our Facebook page. Thanks to the African Film Festival for hosting us in its space.

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