The Kublai files: harnessing the unexpected

David Osimo has been guest editing an issue of the European Journal of E-Practice bearing the significant title asked me to contribute to the “E-government 2.0: hype, hope or reality?”, and he asked me to contribute to it. I joined forces with Tito Bianchi, and together we produced a paper that summarizes two years of Kublai. The executive summary is this: web 2.0 can be quite a powerful tool fo public policy. But it is very, very much at odds with the prevailing administrative culture, which is still based on Weber’s idea of impersonal procedures, subject to controls that are aimed at verifying formal correctness rather than performance. If it is to go 2.0 at all, the State should guard the public interest while allowing and encouraging people to trythings out their own way. The full paper is called “Harnessing the unexpected” and can be read and downloaded here; David’ editorial is here.

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