Leaving innocence behind: why open government is failing, and how it will still win in the end

Many people dislike and mistrust backroom deals and old boys networks in government. They prefer open and transparent governance. It makes for better institutions, and a better human condition. I am one of those people. Since you’re reading this, chances are you are, too. Like many of those people, I watched the global Internet rise and saw an opportunity.  I put a […]

Photo: Massimo Battista

We Are The Champions: Italian journalist hacks the EU’s Digital Champion appointment

During the tenure of Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes, the European Union has invented a political appointment called Digital Champion. Champions, one per country, are appointed by national governments. According to their official website, they are expected to “help every European become digital”. No explanation is offered on just how it is expected that […]

Networks, swarms, policy: travels across the weird, dark landscape of 21st century policy making

I used to be an economist. Then in the two-thousands, I started to read about complexity science. I chased an intuition telling me networks are important (it was 2009, I still remember the epiphany when I saw the network analysis of interactions in Kublai) and started to study them. I was – still am – […]