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So long, and thanks for all the fish: Fiamma Fumana stand by

I changed my guitar’s strings and practiced all the songs: on Saturday night I’m performing with Fiamma Fumana at a festival I am really intrigued by, Balla Coi Cinghiali. I think it will be the last FF show for quite a while. The creativity crisis I sense in the music scene; Jessica’s decision to leave the band, after she became a mother ; the various commitments of other FF members; and the shift in my own interests made me conclude that going on would be a mistake. Music is too beautiful and too important to be made on the side, using one’s consummate experience. I can’t even imagine making another album, in the absence of an urgent, vital message to get out to the world. Better to stop, think, maybe try out new stuff.

This is no time for giving speeches. I wish to thank everyone who sang, played, danced, listened, believed. I will never forget you. I still believe in the vision of Italy’s traditional music as living matter, to be danced in clubs, played in the proverbial garages and kept near to our hearts. I am certain that this music will stay with me, and maybe one day I will feel that my contribution is needed again. Saturday, at BCC, I will perform with a naked heart. That’s all folks.

Di madre in figlia a Milano e a Parigi

Ritorna Di madre in figlia – il film. Abbiamo in agenda altre due anteprime. I FF (in rappresentanza) e il coro delle Mondine di Novi (al completo) saranno presenti a entrambe.

Sabato 16 alle 18 siamo alla Cineteca di Milano (Spazio Oberdan). L’ingresso √® libero, ma bisogna prenotare (346.95.82.555). Gioved√¨ 28 alle 20 siamo all’Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Parigi. Tutti invitati, festeggiamo insieme il fatto di esserci e ricordare, ancora.

From mother to daughter in Milano and Paris

From mother to daugther – the movie is back! We have two previews on our schedule. FF (a representation) and the Mondine di Novi choir (full lineup) will participate in both.

Saturday 16th at 6.00 p.m. we’ll be at Cineteca di Milano (Spazio Oberdan). The entrance is free, but you need to reserve (+39 346.95.82.555). Thursday 28th at 8.00 p.m. we’ll be at Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Paris. Everyone is invited, we’ll celebrate together the small miracle of being there and remembering, yet again.