In praise of middle age

I have two series of pictures to compare, the first one taken in March 2005, when I was 39, and the second one taken last week, at 47 (going on to 48 in a couple of months). Changes are clear, but they are not all negative. Body weight is almost unchanged, maybe up a couple of kilos but hard to tell in the statistical noise. I expected worse, and there are compensations. See you in 2021.

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One thought on “In praise of middle age

  1. Pierosoft

    Per ti conosce sa che forse sei cambiato poco. Sempre sguardo proiettato avanti.
    Forse pero’ la pnl avrebbe detto che le mani in viso tendono a significare un certo senso di difensiva.. Ma poi la fronte alta chiarisce tutto. Go on!


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