What remains after the red carpet

So, it seems that “Mondine – From mother to daughter”, the film on mondine di Novi I originally proposed to the team Ferrario (producer) – Zambelli (director), has gone down well in Toronto. Of course I am pleased with the attention of the media, from La Stampa (“pride and joy of living”), to Repubblica (“standing ovation”), to Corriere Canadese (“unanimous and unconditional applause of both critics and audience”). But what really will stay with me is the overwhelming emotion of many Canadians and Italian Canadians present, like Maurizio, who tracked on this blog to leave me this comment, or the sweet lady Giselle who burst into tears at the end of the film and wanted to write a long letter of thanks to us all:

Your film made me understand that my mother was not alone when se had to leave her family and the Como lake to emigrate, to work. You were there with her.. and this makes me feel less lonely.

Sometimes this job is really, really great đŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “What remains after the red carpet

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  2. guccia

    I complimenti sono d’obbligo. A volte in questo paese ci si sente in apnea e queste sono le cose che permettono di respirare. Ma dove/quando si potrĂ  vedere?


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