Fiamma Fumana at Toronto Film Festival and with Transglobal Underground

 FF e mondine

Foto: Alberto D’Ottavi

Two reasons to smile as you go back to work (me, I never stopped working this summer). The first: the official confirmation that “Mondine – From mother to daughter”, the film produced by Davide Ferrario on a concept by Jessica and me, will be premiéred at Toronto International Film Festival, the only Italian documentary to make it this year. The news is going around cinema and information websites (La Stampa, for example) . Davide tells me Toronto is one of the “big four” film festivals worldwide (the others being Venice, Cannes and Berlin), so this film’s rollout is as good as it gets.

The second: pick up the new Transglobal Underground album – a band I really admire, and people I feel close to – and find to tracks played, respectively, by myself (“Elena”, on the accordion) and Jessica (“Spice garden”, on the flute). Nice…


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