Hello strangers

Well, we’re back! It’s been rough, but very beautiful too. Globalquerque, the great vibe in Millwood Junction, the Shiprock High School where everybody’s a Navajo (the Navajo skater, the Navajo dark lady, the Navajo geek, the Navajo metal fan, the Navajo cop…) and where I detected a great creative potential (a girl stepped forward to sing us a ceremonial song, it was very emotional!), the unbelievable landscapes of Colorado and Grand Canyon, the workshop at San Diego University where we discussed Emilian traditional music, reuniting with our friend Clarissa Clò… see you soon, West!

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7 thoughts on “Hello strangers

  1. JJHunsecker

    FF: Bentornati (e saluti a Vale). New Mexico is an interesting place. When I worked for the lawyers, they wanted to meet there, so I made several trips. Zuni is an astounding place, with an amazing church, frescoed with the Zuni version of kachinas. On the way back from Zuni, you can take in Acoma, the sky city, where they threw the priests off the edge of the cliff back in 1680 or so. It’s obvious that the heart of New Mexico is the Indian culture–which is not always accessible. I’ve gone to Taos Pueblo and Zia Pueblo only to be left outside when they we closed to outsiders. The white people are just a coat of (white) paint–although you should see Santa Fe sometime, anyway. Did you go up to Jemez? At Jemez Springs, you can go to the public spa, get yourself boiled and wrapped in herbs, and stumble across the road for a hamburger. A presto, Don.

  2. roberta

    …ecco perchè io non scrivo mai sul blog, perchè Alberto scrive esattamente quello che scriverei io, mi toglie le parole di bocca…ehm cioè di dita..insomma di tastiera..
    è stato bello questo tour!


  3. Steve Heath

    Alberto, one of your nicer efforts on the video, I think Spielberg should soon be worried he has competition. The audio also sounds very good, where does this recording come from? I assume a recent appearance?
    Ciao a tutti, congratulazioni per passare cuesto “endurance test” 2007.


  4. Steve Heath

    Toronto? Wow. Roberta, one of your first shows with the band. She sounds like an old pro already. Anyway a really nice recording of a live show. Well done.



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